My Spanish Presentation

A couple of weeks ago, I presented a Spanish project about the weather, seasons, activities to do and more. I really enjoyed this project because, this was a huge challenge. We had to spend most of our time memorizing and putting together a slide show all in Spanish. I am always willing to face new challenges and that’s why I really enjoyed this project. I hope that you are always up to face new challenges and are always willing to learn. That’s one of the major things I learned this year in sixth grade and will continue to carry with me during my lifetime.

My Ideal World

My Ideal World 

By Anaya 

Imagine walking into a world with peace and harmony, a world that uplifts each other and not tears them down. That is where I live. Where everything you draw comes to life, but obviously rules apply. I live in a mansion, where every family is given one by the government, designed however you like it to be. Mine has a huge bowling alley with a cafe and a HUGE arcade!

All the animals are similar to the green and blue planet. I think it’s called Earth? I bet you’ve never heard of it. Earth exploded millions of years ago because of pollution, trash and plastic. 

Anyhow the air is safe to breathe in and kills any virus that is in the air. We live in a world where scientists call it the 1900s but on our planet (The Unknown) 


Like Earth, we have all four seasons BUT my favorite season is winter because it snows every winter and doesn’t melt until spring comes around. In spring it’s always                                                                                                                                                                                                              so hot and never rains. In summer it’s usually cool and rains a lot, and in fall it gets cool and the leaves turn different colors. We also have jackets that keep you warm or cold based on a setting that you put it at.

General Life

The cool thing about my planet The Unknown is that no one ever dies and people stop aging after your late 50s but it really depends on the person. The only way you can die is going to the judges and discussing it with them, and if they say yes they can press a button and you die fast and peacefully. 

School is so much fun because you get a lot of fun classes and you get dessert every day. But obviously what is school without learning? We still learn a lot but the classes are just more fun. Next to everyone’s mansions come with a field of unlimited money and you can grow anything you want! For example, you could grow clothes, trampolines and even new friends! I’m just joking, you can’t really grow new friends but you can grow anything else! 

Our government is actually the best government there is. Our government makes sure there are no people living on the streets and they also make sure people are taken care of. We get to vote on new laws and get to decide which building goes where. But it’s obviously optional if we want to vote or not.

Plant Life

We also have amazing plant life on The Unknown. We have rich and dense forests along with no pollution. We have amazing soil and we grow lots of crops every year. We also have unlimited food and water because of our amazing forests. You’re probably thinking what about deserts? Although deserts are mostly dry we do have some plant life, like cacti, and fern.

My world is amazing, although it may have some of its flaws in the end everyone comes together to create one. If you could design your ideal world, what would you choose? 

My Field Trip

(Image by DA teacher)

Get ready to read about an amazing field trip that I took with my grade. Last week I took a field trip to the Museum of Natural Science with my grade and we learned all about dinosaurs, fossils and all kinds of plant and animal life. We also saw different kinds of birds, scorpions, tarantulas and even snakes They even had an exhibit about race which is one of the things that stood out to me. We read and wrote about the RACE exhibit. I learned that during the worst parts of the pandemic (mostly 2020 and early 2021) people of color did not get the proper treatment as white people did. That was something that shocked me because despite everything that the country has been through, a lot of people with color got treated less for Covid 19 and didn’t get as good treatment as white people did. Thank you for the teachers who planned the trip and just being able to go was such a privilege.

Window or Mirror Book

(image from Sora)

I have enjoyed reading The Third Mushroom recently. This is part of a series in which this is the second book, the first called The Fourteenth Goldfish. A window book means looking at a different world or out of a window which is a world that is nothing like yours. A mirror is a book that reflects on your life or you have connections with that book. The Third Mushroom is an interesting book because it’s a mix between a window AND a mirror. It is a mirror because it does have a relation to others life’s and a little of mine too. It’s about a girl whose parents are divorced and her grandpa figuring out how to turn into a teenager again. It also includes some stories that people can connect with and feel like they are not alone. For example she is a science lover who is very curious like her grandpa who was a former scientist, but it also does sprinkle in middle school drama, friends and some sad stories too. This also is a window book because well, it does have some fantasy because I mean you can’t really turn yourself into a teenager again you have to deal with old age, circle of life people. But this is an amazing series and I highly recommend it. Happy reading

Language Arts Project

Last week I did a project with another classmate where we could make anything. We were revolving the project around stories that have different morals. We did one about a man who smuggled something across a border. He had a donkey covered in hay. The detective looked every day to see what was getting smuggled, but couldn’t find anything, he looked through the hay that the donkey was covered in AND he looked under the donkey too. A few years later the officer retired. The officer saw the man at a market one day and asked him what he was smuggling all this time. He replied the donkeys. We took a bunch of photos on this app called Stop Motion and then we put all of those photos together. Every time we took a picture we would move the object a little bit farther or closer. I had such an amazing time making it with my friend. Thankfully the project turned out really good!

My Favorite Book

I am a reader. I LOVE reading, especially fiction. I have a lot of books that I like to read, but today I will share one of many favorite books that I like to read. It’s called With The Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo. It about a 16-year-old girl who has a 2 year old daughter. She loved to cook and is going away to Spain to cook but there is a problem; she doesn’t have enough money. Will she be able to go to Spain and try new experiences there or will she give up her passion for cooking and focus on academics?


The 6th graders were going on a trip tomorrow. Even though I wasn’t going I was excited to stay home for two extra days. I was going to have a four day weekend. I am excited for you to read what I did at home and I am extremely grateful that I  was given the opportunity to go to Camp Hanes. 

It was Thursday morning. I stretched  in my bed and sat up. I realized that 6th grade had just left for Camp Hanes and was happy to be staying at home. I got up, got ready and ate breakfast.  Did some extra math and reading work and ate lunch. It was strange not being able to call my friends in the afternoon to talk with them and play games on the phone with them. My dad came home after work around 1:45 and came to drop my mom off at the airport for the weekend (she was traveling to New Jersey.) I watched Brady Bunch with my dad and sadly finished the whole show. Even though we had finished, that night we watched Ms. Marvel and I baked Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies.

 I had just woken up and heard the sound of pouring rain. Rain is my favorite weather and was excited to be getting rain. I  got ready and brushed my teeth. I went down for breakfast and  finished my extracurricular homework. I couldn’t stop thinking about Camp Hanes and was excited for my friends to come back so they could tell me how it went. I ate lunch and read for 1.5 hours. By that time my friends had come home from Camp Hanes. I came down and called them. They said it was an AMAZING trip and was happy to be home. 


My Backpack

Over the summer I read Finding Someplace by Denise Lewis Patrick. The main character ‘Reesie’ lived in New Orleans at the time Hurricane Katrina struck. She didn’t know if her family was alive. Her brother was in college and her mom worked in the hospital. While her dad worked at the police station in New Orleans. Her parents never returned and her house was flooded. She had to leave fast and packed a backpack with the things she needed. 

The things I would bring if I had to leave fast are a picture of my family and dogs because that is the most important thing to me, my glasses so I can see, some clean clothes and a sweatshirt so I can stay warm. I would also bring some cleaning wipes to stay clean, along with my contact lenses, my iPad and iPod and a charger so I can stay in touch. Some writing materials like a notebook. Pens and pencils. Along with a manual sharpener to write or to draw. I would bring some snacks, food and water to stay alive. My watch and its charger to tell time and to text and call. A water filter to filter out the dirty water, money, passports and IDs. A flashlight to see with extra batteries. A pocket knife (just in case) and a med-kit just in case anyone gets hurt. A book to keep me entertained and a folded up tent to stay in. Some sheets and a blanket with a pillow to stay warm and sleep in. Last but not least a leash for my dogs, a blanket for them (a pillow if needed)  and food and water for them so they can survive also. That’s would I would bring in my hometown Cary.